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The downside to all the iPhone glee is that I can't get through to Rogers customer service in order to report my cell phone stolen.

Scotiabank wasn't busy, but took forever to cancel my credit card and bank card. MBNA was swift and didn't require any automated menu navigation; that was nice. HBC was also quick.

I'll miss my phone and my cute purse, and of course, my sense of security. Oh, and my bus pass. Dammit.

Zombies by mail

My zombies came yesterday and I couldn't be more pleased!

My zombies:

Go get one! You won't be let down.

Help, please.

Poll #977617 Wedding planning sucks.

Help us choose a wedding cake topper!

This is a joke poll, isn't it?



Happy π day! Let's all eat pie.


Edmonton-area events:

  • Edmonton, AB
    Sunday March 25, 2007 (That is not a Saturday! WTF?)
    Queen Alexandra Hall, 10425 University Ave
    There will be vendors of open-pollinated and heritage vegetable and flower and wild plant seeds, a seed exchange table, displays by gardening and naturalization groups and books for sale. We will have a Seedy Cafe and Kid's table with free bean seeds. Tables are free, as is admission to the event. Contact Susan 439-8354, Wendy 453-8029 or Pam pcoco@telusplanet.net
  • Devon, AB (@ the Devonian Gardens, I imagine)
    Saturday March 31, 2007
    There will be pre-season gardening information in the form of lectures, seed sales, seed exchanges, horticultural societies on site and some commercial vendors. Access will be available to the Kurimoto Japanese Garden and all indoor Show Houses. A $2.00 admission charge gains access to all of the above. There will be food at a reasonable cost. Contact Linda at 987-3054 ext 2234 or Gordon at 987-3054 ext 2229 for further information.
I want to go to both and then after the Devonian Gardens frenzy, go visit Mr. Taz!

Alberta memory, a year ago
Originally uploaded by Crosscreek.
What? No, I'm not crying over an article. It's just a speck in my eye or something, not a reaction to righteous truth and ugh memories from old jobs.

This is just a gorgeous photo, taken by a woman who moved from Alberta to Ontario.

Your third item for today is this: I bought some pudding. And then I ate it. Pudding is much better in your imagination. Tomorrow: cupcakes.

Beads and metal

One benefit of nlindq's adventures in health care last month was that I got to spend a lot of time on my own, which I stole to work on jewelry/jewellery for the Threeway Action auction. While he was drugged/napping/World of Warcrafting, I bent metal and threaded beads and knotted leather. It was pretty satisfying, but I wasn't as productive as I had hoped. I did end up with a number of things just for me, too. I shouldn't forget about that.

Regardless, there's some stuff up on the auction website (and I already have bids!) Go have a look!

photosCollapse )

It's been a very long while since I made anything, much less anything I like. I think my style has progressed, somewhat. Part of that is the inspiration I get from being a part of the wonderful elisem's Beads of the Month Club and getting nifty new beads every month as well as seeing her amazing works of art. *drool* I should photograph my Dragon's Hoard necklace, comprised of beads from the Dragon, Pearl, Pirate and Fire theme goodies. Rather fitting, what?

This month we're finally going to commit to a new arrangement in the home schedule. Since Nels often likes to sleep in later than I do, on Saturdays I'll get up and spend the morning in my studio. I won't have to wrangle cats and I won't be interrupted. In the past, spending time in the studio meant that Nels felt neglected/isolated because I needed to close the door to keep the cats from hassling me and my beads/stuff. This way, I get that time and no one's feelings are hurt. Except maybe Whisper and Boodle...

(p.s. Twizzler level dropping.)
I'm happy to report that today I was able to recount a funny cat story without falling down and hurting myself.

This is progress.


Hey, amerald and jojo_bookfiend, Peter Jackson has optioned the Temeraire books! Dragon movies! With effects by Weta!!!!

So cool.

Hey, this is fancy.

lj book reviews
A Long Way Down
Nick Hornby

what are you reading?.
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Audrey's doesn't have the David Mitchell book. Will have to source elsewhere, so I've moved onto this, which I bought when I went to look for Cloud Atlas.


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