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Sometimes the Fug Girls drive me crazy with their lack of fashion history background, their disdain for anything adventurous and frankly ethnocentrist view of fashion. Also, they are pretty damned mean sometimes! But this post on the amazing Juliana Margulies has won me over yet again. Fans of The Good Wife will cheer for this run-on sentence:

...she is on perhaps the one show on network TV right now which treats a woman’s relationship with the other women in her life with the same importance that it treats her romances, and which has at least three women on it whose characters are defined in part by the fact that they rule at their jobs, and which also employs Jason Street, Alan Cumming, Mr. Big, Grams, Gary Cole AND Michael J Fox (who — I’m calling it right now — is winning the Emmy next month). In other words, you should probably pick up The Good Wife, and I am also, in all honesty, considering buying whatever Fancy Magic Face Elixir she’s shilling for L’Orealancomebellarins.


In other news, oh shit. But maybe Texas will get some much-needed rain?

p.s. I love her skirt.